Rich Media Mobile Advertising Growth

Rich Media Mobile Advertising Growth

While it's accepted that social media and smart phones are changing the way that users engage with brands, the response from businesses isn't as clear.


A recent study, by Celtra, sheds some light on the issue. The research shows that many companies are evolving as well. Instead of bombarding consumers with commercial messages, many companies are using rich media mobile ads so their brands can engage consumers in meaningful experiences. 


While including video is still the first choice for most brands, businesses are increasingly leveraging advanced mobile capabilities and ad features, such as location-based services, social media and gaming elements.



Highlights from the Mobile Advertising Study:

  • PHONE TYPE: While Android adoption rates continues to rise, iOS had 55% of the ads, while Android had 45%.
  • AD FORMAT: The most popular mobile ad format, with 67%, were expandable banners. The remaining 1/3 of the ads were split between interstitials (21%) and animated banners (12%)
  • ENGAGEMENT: The highest engagement was 21.5% within the Financial industry, followed by 14.3% in Retail, 12.1% in Entertainment, and 9.9% in Automotive.  
  • SOCIAL SHARING: Users are increasingly engaging with mobile ads and sharing branded content through social media.  For example, 8.7% of users shared ads through Facebook and 12.6% of users sent Tweets about ads.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Brands are increasingly integrating newer social media services such as Instagram, foursquare and Pinterest
  • DIRECT RESPONSE: Direct response, such as a click to an app store, were in almost all ads.